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I’m Kelsey J, a PR grad student and explorer of all things local and delicious. I am a native Hoosier and enjoy the finer things in life. Consuming local beer, wine, and creating handcrafted cocktails on my vintage bar cart is a passion of mine. I’m a realist, sport enthusiast, and food connoisseur. Discovering the best local cuisine in a post-industrial town may seem challenging, but Muncie, Ind. has more to offer than one would think. From local, organic grocery stores to mom and pop cafes serving fresh produce, Muncie’s restaurant scene is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

I first visited Muncie in 2007 to attend Ball State and have somehow found my way back here for graduate school. The city has changed significantly since our first introduction nearly 9 years ago. Downtown is being revitalized and more local businesses are popping up each month. Although Muncie may be mocked and ridiculed, I have come to love this town.  I guarantee you I won’t stay forever, but Muncie has a peculiar charm not found in many other post-industrial towns.

If you too are a food connoisseur searching for the best local cuisine around, join me on my journey to satisfy your palette. Or simply follow my blog for an entertaining outlook on life, grad school, and the joys of living in Muncie, Ind.


Kelsey J


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