The Black Sparrow-Lafayette, Ind.

Black Sparrow Pizza.jpg

While home for the holidays, I had the pleasure of dining at a great local joint. The Black Sparrow is a must visit restaurant in downtown Lafayette, Ind. specializing in fresh, local ingredients and handcrafted cocktails. The dark, eclectic atmosphere and cool music contribute to the restaurant’s sophisticated yet hipster vibe.

Whether you’re jonesing for a stiff drink or need to satisfy a growling stomach, The Black Sparrow is the place to congregate. From fresh salads and molten goat cheese to wood fired pizzas and gourmet burgers, the menu is sure to satisfy every palette.

I ordered the Local Lettuce in Winter? Salad featuring Indiana red and green oak leaf, frilly, and butterhead lettuces. The salad was topped with creamy blue brie cheese, toasted hazelnuts, and a zesty champagne vinaigrette. A ripe pear finished off the ensemble and contributed to the dynamic flavors of the salad.

My friend, Jill, and I shared the Mediterranean inspired pizza topped with a creamy pesto sauce and fresh veggies (as shown above). The wide selection of local brews are perfect for washing down a slice of pizza and gossiping about high school classmates. If fermented grapes are more of your thing, The Black Sparrow also offers a wide variety of modern and vintage wines to suit your fancy.

Whether in the area for a Purdue sporting event or just checking out a charming Indiana city, be sure to stop at The Black Sparrow at least for a pint or two.


Kelsey J

For more information visit The Black Sparrow

The Black Sparrow Facade.jpg



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