Downtown Muncie Promotional Video

Vera Mae's promo photo

Downtown Muncie has made great strides since my first introduction with the city in 2007. Locals have band together to retake the city they love and return it to former glory. Downtown is gaining new businesses, producing more community events, and elevating the infrastructure of the post-industrial town. Events such as First Thursday Art Walk, Foodie Fridays, and Moonlight Movies create camaraderie and provide residents with an opportunity to socialize and take advantage of what downtown Muncie has to offer.

The promotional video listed above impressed me with its professional, creative, and motivational aspects and reminded me of Detroit’s campaigns to take back the city.

Visit HERE for more information about upcoming events and local businesses.


Kelsey J

Photo courtesy of http://www.downtownmuncie.org/gallery-dwntwn/



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