Lowery’s Candies-Muncie

Established in 1941, Lowery’s Candies is a staple in the Yorktown/Muncie community known for handcrafted, fine chocolates. The candy shop offers a wide selection from toffee and cremes to mints and fudge. My personal favorite, mint meltaways, bring back sweet memories of visiting the local candy shop in Lafayette, Ind. after a day of shopping with my mom.Lowery's

Unlike other chocolatiers, Lowery’s still hand-dips every chocolate, stirs cremes in copper kettles, and hand-pours toffee on cool, marble slabs. No modern machines here! Creating Lowery’s candies truly is an art form.

My Grandma Lester has perfected the art of candy making and continues to make fine chocolates every Christmas. She is best known for her peanut butter balls and heavenly caramels. I’m no Willy Wonka, but I hope to someday learn from the master and continue the candy making tradition.

Grandma's Candy
Grandma Lester’s Treats

Whether you’re jonesing for some chocolate or needing a Valentine’s Day treat for someone special, Lowery’s Candies is sure to satisfy your needs.


Kelsey J

For more information visit Lowery’s Candies


5 thoughts on “Lowery’s Candies-Muncie

  1. Yes! Peanut butter smoothies would probably be the most comparable to Reese’s, but they also have peanut butter chips (crunchier PB covered in chocolate) and peanut butter cremes.


  2. I’m a Muncie girl who now lives in Oxford, OH but makes it home quite often to visit family. Lowery’s will always be my favorite treat when I come. That and Concannon’s. You should add Southern Grubbin’ to your list of places to try. David and Melissa, the owners, are two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. And that girl can cook!


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