Two Johnny’s-Muncie

A quaint lunch spot in downtown Muncie, Two Johnny’s serves the working crowd and those who venture from Ball State’s campus. The restaurant is most famous for the olive burger, but serves various sandwiches, soups, and salads.

The homemade chili is the most delicious, quintessential diner chili that will ever meet your palette. I always complained growing up when mom added elbow macaroni to her chili. Pasta does not belong in chili! However, she didn’t even put beans in her chili so really it was more of a hamburger soup. We would still be arguing about the proper way to prepare chili if she were still here today.

The bagel sandwiches are my personal favorite treat when dining at Two Johnny’s. The veggie chive bagel is to die for! Packed with fresh carrots, cucumbers, and spinach, the lightly toasted bagel will satisfy your lunchtime craving.

Veggie Chive Bagel Two J's
Veggie Chive Bagel

Two Johnny’s encompasses a cafe feel with gourmet diner eats. The laid-back atmosphere and friendly staff provide the perfect spot for a lunch date or catching up with friends.


Kelsey J

For more information visit Two Johnny’s


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