How Social Media has Transformed Food

It’s hard to think of a time when social media did not exist…a time prior to Twitter and Facebook. Before individuals started photographing charcuterie and small plates, how did one express his or her love affair with food or promote a favorite restaurant?

Restaurants primarily relied on newspaper advertisements and word-of-mouth prior to the social media age. The well-off restaurants utilized television commercials and glossy magazine ads. Gone are those days!

Vera Mae’s Bleu Cheese Burger

Social media truly has transformed the food industry. Once non-existent, hole in the wall eateries are now prime dining locations thanks to foodies and social media platforms. At almost no cost, restaurants now have the opportunity to promote their businesses and obtain new patrons. Customers sharing photographs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat only contributes to the realm of free advertisement.

And don’t forget about the influence that food bloggers may carry. Bloggers have revolutionized the restaurant industry by rapidly dispersing information and propelling food into the limelight. Cookbooks, food blogs and cooking channels, such as the Food Network, are more popular than ever.

Social media also contributes to expedited food trends and educated consumers. According to, 50 percent of retail food purchases are influenced by digital media in some way.

Consuming food has always been a passion of mine, especially local cuisine. In general, local eateries have the opportunity to support neighboring farms, provide fresh ingredients and contribute to the local economy. I enjoy sharing my passion for local cuisine on my social media platforms and food blog.

B's Po Boy
B’s Po Boy’s Fried Oyster Po Boy

I use social media to display my love affair with food and promote my favorite restaurants. Posting to social media outlets allows my followers to acquire information about local restaurants and view photos of my favorite dishes. Social media will only continue to evolve and elevate the food industry.


Kelsey J


One thought on “How Social Media has Transformed Food

  1. If you haven’t already tried it, I highly recommend the Nile restaurant in Anderson! They have a great story! The food is so good, same quality every time. Authentic Mediterranean cooking, definetly a hidden gem.


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