CUBA Primera Parte

Hola! I spent 5 glorious days in the land of Castro. The communist country, most widely known for its rum, coffee, and the world’s finest cigars, has been on my travel bucket list since my undergraduate days. Yes, I was prepared to enter Cuba illegally if I had to!

Organic Spearmint in Cuba

We stayed at the Hotel Nacional, Cuba’s premiere hotel, home to everything 1930’s Cuba. The grand marble staircase led to an extravagant lobby anchored by glamorous chandeliers and ornate woodwork. The hotel included stunning views of Old Havana and the Atlantic Ocean. Hotel Nacional is said to have the best mojitos in the city…I would say best in the world. The Cuban rum, fresh sugar cane, and locally sourced organic spearmint provides the most delicious combination I’ve ever experienced in a cocktail.

Cigar Store in Havanna


If you’ve read my Vera Mae’s blog, you understand I enjoy a good cigar every now and again. One of my favorite stops was the Partagas cigar factory. Said to be one of the better jobs in Cuba, workers make just 50-60 dollars a month and are expected to roll 150 cigars a day. Entirely hand-made, producing Cuban cigars is truly an art form.

Stay tuned for additional blogs on my adventures through Cuba.


Kelsey J


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