Allegre-Ball State University

Ball State’s student-run restaurant, Allegre, serves high quality dishes that won’t break the bank. Fully staffed by hospitality and food management students, the exceptional quality of products and service is quite impressive. With an undergraduate degree in hospitality and food management, I had the opportunity to work in Allegre my senior year. The quantity food production… Read More Allegre-Ball State University

CUBA Tres Parte

Hola! Las Terrazas, located in the Artemisa Province, is a scenic eco-village pioneered during the late 1960’s. Known worldwide for the province’s scenic beauty, Las Terrazas features the country’s oldest coffee plantations. We enjoyed a cup of coffee at Cafe Maria near the village ration store, school, and medical center. So smooth and decadent, the Cuban… Read More CUBA Tres Parte

CUBA Dos Parte

Hola! Traditional Cuban cuisine consists of rice, beans, and a protein-typically chicken, fish, pork, or shredded beef. Although food rations exist, locals have the option of purchasing additional food items from a neighborhood market. Rice, beans, bread, chicken, flour, oil, and milk are provided monthly by the government. One might think Cuban food is bland, but that’s quite the… Read More CUBA Dos Parte