Catch of the Day-Miami

Before our amazing trip to Cuba, my sister and I dined at Catch of the Day in Miami. The local, hole-in-the-wall seafood joint is located on 42nd Ave. near Miami International. Catch of the Day receives much business from locals and travelers alike.

The seafood restaurant provides patrons with a wide selection of fresh ocean fair, including a raw bar. Diners are welcomed with a casual atmosphere complete with tiki torches, televisions, and ample outdoor seating.

We commenced our dining experience with a round of mango tango mojitos…Yes, they were as good as they sound. This mojito consumption reminded me of a time I ventured to concoct mojitos after a fun night in Grand Rapids. I definitely placed an entire cup of sugar in each mojito, poured in whatever booze was closest, and added mint. Somehow they didn’t taste half bad!

Oysters Rockefeller_CatchofDay
Oysters Rockefeller

I ordered the oysters Rockefeller…A glorious dish with oysters on the half-shell topped with a generous portion of bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, and herb seasoning. I also consumed a large bowl of fresh clam chowder. Rich and creamy, the chowder had an exceptional amount of clams and deliciousness.

My sister ordered seafood paella complete with a lobster tail (pictured at top). The paella has just the right amount of spice and included oysters, shrimp, and lobster. The lobster tail was cooked slightly too long and unfortunately became a little tough.

Catch of the Day provides a unique atmosphere perfect for catching up on sports or enjoying the beautiful Florida weather. The menu has a variety of options sure to please any seafood aficionado.


Kelsey J


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