McCord Candies-Lafayette, Ind.

Craving treats from an old fashioned soda fountain? You’re in luck! Located in downtown Lafayette, Ind., McCord Candies has been offering patrons delicious eats since 1912. Originally Glatz’s Candy, the storefront was purchased by the McCord family in 1947. McCord’s proudly serves homemade candies alongside lunch sandwiches, chili, and their famous marshmallow Cokes.

McCord's_Egg Salad Sand.
Egg Salad Sandwich

That’s right, McCord’s serves up the classic Coca-Cola flavored with rich marshmallow cream. The soda fountain offers a variety of flavorings for soda, but marshmallow coke is my personal favorite. My mother occasionally treated my sister and I to the beverage after a long day of running errands in Lafayette.

I order the egg salad sandwich on white bread with a side of potato chips and deviled eggs. The meal, served on a plastic plate, satisfies my nostalgic appetite. Prior to leaving, I select a few pieces of candy for the road. You cannot leave McCord’s without having candy! I get a few mint rosettes, a liquid fudge cream and tiramisu truffle. All are extremely tasty leaving me wanting more.

If you’re ever in the Lafayette area, I highly recommend making a stop at McCord Candies.


Kelsey J

For more information visit McCord’s Candies


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