Lahody Meats-Muncie

LahodyMeats_SaladsSpecializing in choice and prime meats and cheeses, Lahody Meats is located on Wheeling Avenue in Muncie, Ind. I have driven past the storefront many times and finally decide to stop and check-out what the business has to offer. Immediately entering the butcher shop, I wished I had frequented the store more often. I was welcomed with a cleaver door handle and extensive selection of prepared salads, produce, and fine cheeses.

LahodyMeats_DoorAfter surveying the selections for a few minutes, I resist the urge to grab fresh oysters and settle on purchasing homemade ham salad and crab cakes. The ham salad is made fresh in-store and is perfect for lunch sandwiches.  For dinner, I sear the crab cakes on medium heat with butter and mushrooms. The crab cakes are perfectly seasoned and include peppers for a little heat.

Opening in 2009, Lahody Meats continues to serve high quality products to the Muncie  community. If you haven’t already, be sure to stop by this local butcher shop. I will probably be back soon to snatch a few oysters.


Kelsey J

For more information visit Lahody Meats


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