Mimi Blue Meatballs-Indianapolis

Mimi Blue Meatballs offers customers a sophisticated diner atmosphere on the coveted Mass Ave. in Indianapolis. Patrons may create their own dish by selecting the type of meatball, sauce and or pasta they desire. Offering daily meatball specials and gourmet side dishes, Mimi Blue’s is the epitome of refined, traditional cuisine for the modern foodie.

After checking off my choices on the dry-erase menu, I anxiously await the arrival of the

Banana Mousse

daily meatball special and cheesy polenta. Dining with friends is always a plus because you get to taste a variety of dishes! My posse orders a smorgasbord of meatballs, mac and queso and fried brussels sprouts. The daily meatball special includes mushrooms and a creamy, garlic sauce. The cheesy polenta melts in your mouth and is definitely my favorite bite of the day. We finish our meal by splitting the delectable banana mousse and warm pecan maple cookie.

Mimi Blue, named after the owners’ mother, strives to provide Indianapolis residents with the same social grace Mildred (Mimi) Bluestein Kosene once did for family and friends. I am already planning my next dining experience at Mimi Blue’s and highly recommend the restaurant to anyone looking for a sophisticated diner experience with a cool, modern twist.


Kelsey J

For more information visit Mimi Blue Meatballs.



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