BRICS: Broad Ripple Ice Cream Station

Located in a train depot in the artsy Broad Ripple neighborhood, BRICS serves up 36 flavors of hard-packed ice cream with a selection of specialty sundaes, malts, floats and smoothies. The ice cream is delivered fresh weekly from Sherman’s Ice Cream in South Haven, Michigan. BRICS’ location on the Monon Trail makes an ideal stop for a treat while walking or biking.

Dedicated to being an environmentally friendly business, BRICS serves scoops in a classic glass dish. This not only reduces waste, but adds to the nostalgia of the ice cream parlor. Patrons on the go may request compostable cups and spoons.

Given the balmy temperature and sweat running down my back, I can’t resist the urge to stop at this neighborhood hangout. I select the grasshopper and chocolate peanut butter flavors and indulge in the cold dessert right away. Loaded with fudge swirls, the grasshopper is my absolute favorite. The chocolate peanut butter offers the perfect balance of PB and chocolate to satisfy my hankering.

Brics_Ice Cream Center
Grasshopper and Chocolate Peanut Butter

Other flavors offered by this local hangout include Broad Ripple Blackberry, Pistachio, Village Fudge and Monon Tracks. There really is a flavor for every palette. So whether you live in the neighborhood or drive from afar, BRICS is worth the trip or even two!


Kelsey J

For more information visit BRICS.


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