Jack’s Donuts-Muncie

Did you know the first donut machine was invented in 1920? Boy has the indulgent treat taken off since then! Jack’s Donuts has been creating these delicious pastries since 1961 and most recently opened its Muncie location on White River Boulevard, just south of Ball State University.

Needing to satisfy a late night craving, I head to Jack’s Donuts for a treat. Whenever I’m writing a major research paper, I acquire the worst sweet tooth. I am welcomed by a spunky employee and am pleased with the wide variety of offerings. Jonesing for a cream filled Long John, I am immediately drawn to the brightly sprinkled ones neatly lined-up in the glass display case. Zach, the helpful associate, informs me that they are not cream filled, but he is more than willing to add delicious Bavarian cream. Of course, I am extremely excited about this and tell him to fill the Long John’s as much as possible. If there is an award for employee of the month, Zach should definitely win! Jacks_Donut Rack 1

The donuts are extremely moist and filled to perfection. The generous amount of sprinkles satisfy my craving and leave me wanting more. If you haven’t tried Jack’s Donuts, be sure to stop by their newest location in Muncie or the store nearest you.


Kelsey J

For more information visit Jack’s Donuts Muncie.


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