Yorktown Farmers Market

What better to do on a Wednesday evening than visit the local farmers market in Yorktown? Although the selection may be relatively small compared to what customers are used to at a Saturday market, the Yorktown Farmers Market provides an array of food items from fresh, organic produce to pork burgers and homemade fudge.

After surveying the selection, I am immediately drawn to Earth Candy Acres with a gorgeous variety of hand-planted, organic vegetables. The colorful produce appears nearly fictional with vibrant colors and patterns not found in run-of-the-mill grocery stores (see eggplant pictured above). Offering nearly every shade of peppers imaginable, Earth Candy Acres is sure to enhance any dish you plan to create.

Earth Candy Acres peppers

After consuming no-bake cookie fudge and choosing a few zinnias to take home, I leave excited to visit again the following week. The Yorktown Farmers Market occurs every Wednesday from 4:30-7:00 p.m. at Morrow’s Meadow in Yorktown, Ind.


Kelsey J

For more information visit Yorktown Farmers Market.


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