Open Society-Indianapolis

Located in the historic Meridian Kessler neighborhood, Open Society Public House is a sophisticated yet hip coffee and wine bar. The modern industrial interior compliments the unique contemporary flavors of the restaurant’s dishes. The atmosphere attracts a diverse crowd from elite business professionals to elderflower whispering hipsters next door.

Cafe Miel

As one of our favorite pre-church breakfast spots, my significant other and I are all too familiar with the homemade pastries and coffee. The cafe miel provides warmth and caffeine with hints of honey and cinnamon on chilly Sunday mornings. My inner child always selects the homemade pop-tarts made with strawberries and raspberries while my dining mate chooses the warm chocolate chip croissant. Made with flax seed, coconut, almonds and oats, energy bites provide an extra morning boost. Really, you cannot go wrong with any of the pastries.

Although I’ve only experienced breakfast at Open Society, the service and quality are exceptional and speak volumes for the owner and management. I hope to return and partake in additional menu offerings and the wine bar. With the owner’s sommelier education, the wine selections are sure to be out of this world.


Kelsey J

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