Coffeehouse Five-Greenwood, Ind.

Coffeehouse Five is a delectable, quaint coffee shop situated in Old Town Greenwood. Providing a hipster vibe, the furniture is an eclectic mix of IKEA and vintage. As a for-benefit coffee shop, all revenue is allotted to five initiatives to build stronger marriages and families in the Greenwood community. These initiatives include premarital counseling, marriage coaching, addiction recovery programs, couples training, and a ten percent donation to other local nonprofits who strive to support local families. Did I mention the coffee is phenomenal?

coffeehousefive_coffeecupAs a previous Greenwood resident, I grew very fond of Coffeehouse Five and have tried the majority of menu offerings. From nitro coffee and smoothies to mocha lattes and grilled cheese, this restaurant is sure to please. On this chilly winter day, I choose the nutty Colby (pictured above) grilled to perfection with crunchy peanut butter, bacon and Colby cheese on whole wheat bread. This combination is not for the weary. I find delight in the warm, gooey cheese and crunch of the salty peanut butter. Sandwiches are even served with a side of popcorn! As for my beverage, I select the snowball mocha featuring coconut and rich dark chocolate. This scrumptious treat is the perfect compliment to my meal.

For all of you in the greater Indianapolis area, I strongly suggest venturing down to Greenwood for a cup of Joe or a bite at Coffeehouse Five. Make note that they serve homemade cinnamon rolls on Saturday mornings.


Kelsey J

For more information visit Coffeehouse Five.


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