Cafe Patachou-Indianapolis

When brunching in Indianapolis, Cafe Patachou is always the first place that comes to mind. Located in the Meridian-Kessler neighborhood, Cafe Patachou is part of a distinguished restaurant group in Indy providing food connoisseurs and novices alike fresh, farm-to-table ingredients at numerous locations. One might suggest Cafe Patachou commenced the food revolution that has placed Indianapolis on… Read More Cafe Patachou-Indianapolis

McCord Candies-Lafayette, Ind.

Craving treats from an old fashioned soda fountain? You’re in luck! Located in downtown Lafayette, Ind., McCord Candies has been offering patrons delicious eats since 1912. Originally Glatz’s Candy, the storefront was purchased by the McCord family in 1947. McCord’s proudly serves homemade candies alongside lunch sandwiches, chili, and their famous marshmallow Cokes. That’s right,… Read More McCord Candies-Lafayette, Ind.

In-N-Out Burger

I wouldn’t normally blog about a fast food franchise, but In-N-Out serves up some seriously good cuisine. Serving high quality burgers since 1948, the franchise is a staple in the Western United States. I was first introduced to the franchise visiting Phoenix in 2008, but most recently dined at a location in Dallas. The burgers are made-to-order… Read More In-N-Out Burger

A Tavola-Cincinnati

I am a sucker for up-and-coming, artsy-fartsy neighborhoods and Over-the-Rhine is one of them! I mean, who doesn’t love a place that serves growlers from a curbside window and has murals on every corner? Serving locally sourced ingredients, A Tavola is a staple in the Over-the-Rhine district in downtown Cincinnati. The restaurant is most widely… Read More A Tavola-Cincinnati

Allegre-Ball State University

Ball State’s student-run restaurant, Allegre, serves high quality dishes that won’t break the bank. Fully staffed by hospitality and food management students, the exceptional quality of products and service is quite impressive. With an undergraduate degree in hospitality and food management, I had the opportunity to work in Allegre my senior year. The quantity food production… Read More Allegre-Ball State University

CUBA Tres Parte

Hola! Las Terrazas, located in the Artemisa Province, is a scenic eco-village pioneered during the late 1960’s. Known worldwide for the province’s scenic beauty, Las Terrazas features the country’s oldest coffee plantations. We enjoyed a cup of coffee at Cafe Maria near the village ration store, school, and medical center. So smooth and decadent, the Cuban… Read More CUBA Tres Parte